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The guitar has become one of the most enjoyed instruments for many people. Well with guitarists especially like Brian Setzer, many of us have been inspired for life.  To pick up a guitar and play this unbelievable sound. It’s catchy, and impressive. But there has been no magazine or site dedicated to the base of American guitar music. And that’s rockabilly, jazz, blues, and swing. And that’s what we are here to do. Were starting off small, but with your help we can become big.



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Last updated August 4, 2001


Guitar Tech: Rockabilly Strings for under a 1000!

 This week Carl gives us reviews on affordable rockabilly sounding guitars. GO!


Store: New Rockabilly Strings shirt coming soon!


Archive: Introducing the archive section!

We have added the archive section. In this section, you will find all past front-page articles and guitar tech articles. GO!


Jobs: No pay………yet.

We are looking for people that know a broad range of rockabilly bands, and who are able to write critiquing articles, and even get actual interviews. If you think this may be something you can do, email us. No pay…yet. Send email with “job” in subject to web@rockabillystrings.8m.com


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